Wood Preserving Services by Kunst Bros.

One of the most common areas that will make your home look dated and worn is the woodwork. What seems inconspicuous while surrounding doors, windows, and baseboards are really a focal point that draws attention: How they draw attention can make or break a room. Withered, cracked, faded, and battered wood certainly draws attention but in a way that makes a room no matter how nicely decorated look shabby. Scruffy cabinets in kitchens, bathrooms, or shelving in family and living rooms destroy the appeal of a home. Replacing those wood surfaces is expensive and in many cases unnecessary. A whole new surface can be created by simply restoring the natural beauty of the existing wood.

What Is Wood Preserving

Wood preserving is an art form that gives old trim and wood surfaces in your home shine and draw attention in a good way. Wood that has been restored to its lustrous shine gives a warm framework for your furnishings, wall décor, and windows. The experts at Kunst Bros. bring their experience to the homes of San Francisco, Sonoma, and Marin counties to give their customers a living space they can be proud to come home to and entertain in. The Kunst Bros. can preserve antique finishes, modernize unintentionally weathered or worn wood, or create a rustic appearance to your motif.

If you prefer a textured appearance the Kunst Bros. can apply a variety of paint techniques to give the illusion of leather or mottling. They can use stencils to add texture to your less detailed wood and make a faint wood pattern bolder. Let them guide you to the best way to make your rooms come to life with the bold framing of a high quality wood finish.
Wooden House — Wood Restoration in San Rafael, CA

What Is Wood Restoration

Restoring wood begins with a thorough stripping of old varnish and stain. Then the surface is sanded to a rejuvenated finish that is smooth and as blemish free as possible. After that the wood can be re-stained its original color or any color of your choosing, resealed and it will look brand new again. Each step is as important as the others and the Kunst Bros. will give their full attention to the entire process. Unlike some decorators or amateurs they know that a high quality, well-applied finish can keep woodwork from cracking, buckling, or swelling from temperature changes. The attention to details they have for each and every project makes each piece they complete a work of art. It's those touches that make a home a showplace that can live up to your décor.


In addition to giving your home the most appealing and stylish look possible, you undoubtedly want to protect it from the elements. Examining your house for weatherproofing details on your own is usually not sufficient to really do an adequate job, though; an untrained eye just isn't as likely to notice all of the fine details that a professional one will. In San Francisco - and Marin and Sonoma Counties - Kunst Bros. is the leading expert on weatherproofing services; they can examine your home inch by inch, ensuring that it is protected from the weather and that your valuable investment doesn't incur needless damage.

The Importance of Weather Proofing

When the caulk and insulation protecting your home is inadequate, outdated or falling apart, your home is exposed to the elements of nature in ways that it just isn't built to do. Small cracks let in moisture and damaging winds, which can compromise the integrity of your entire home over time. Even the type of paint that is used on your home should work to protect it; if yours isn't, then it's time to have professional weatherproofing services performed. Kunst Bros. has many years of experience in weatherproofing San Francisco-area homes; they know what to look for, and can help you achieve optimal results.

Experience is Critical

An inexperienced weatherproofing contractor can easily overlook seemingly insignificant details when performing their work; with Kunst Bros., you never have to worry about such oversights. Their impeccable reputation is backed up by years of experience in making homes truly weatherproof; from the paint that they use, to the caulking and other techniques they employ, Kunst Bros. uses every method at their disposal to ensure that the integrity of your home is protected from the elements.

Protecting Your Investment

Your home is your refuge, the place where you and your family spend the majority of your lives. Protecting this valuable investment is undoubtedly at the top of your list of priorities. Why put that investment needlessly at risk? By employing the weatherproofing services of Kunst Bros., you can breathe easy that every nook and cranny is sealed up and impervious to the elements. In addition to that, you will enjoy the unbeatable customer service that comes along with hiring San Francisco's best weatherproofing and painting contractor. Discover why so many people in Marin and Sonoma counties rely on Kunst Bros. - give them a call today.

When you are looking to refinish the wood surfaces in your home there are two options available. You can either paint or stain the wood to revitalize old worn out finishes, touch up nicks or cracks, and make it shine like new again. There are several reasons to choose paint. One reason people decide to paint wood surfaces, especially cabinetry and shelving is to add new dimension to a room. Light paint can brighten a dark room or make smaller rooms look larger. Dark paint on wood surfaces can hide a multitude of sins, add a deeper tone to surrounding décor, or pull together a motif for a room.


Traditionally wood surfaces are stained and there are several choices in types of stains and finishes that can be used to change the atmosphere of a room. The wood surfaces of a room provide a framework for walls, doors and windows as well as broader surfaces such as shelves, or major wall coverings in kitchens and bathrooms. These surfaces have a much greater impact on the feel of a room than many people give them credit for and they are often ignored when do-it-yourselfer attempt to repaint walls or change the appearance of their rooms. The result is a shabby looking project that lacks focus. Getting the best results depends on the quality of workmanship and a professional job will look sharp, clean, and most of all will fit your desired style.

Choose Kunst Bros. For Your Wood Staining Services

The experts at Kunst Bros. have provided excellent workmanship to the San Francisco area for many years and can guide you in the best methods to achieve your goals in room refurbishing. The woodwork in your home will once again appear rich and vibrant in the style that best suits your personality and the surroundings of your home. Their special attention to details in their customer's homes in Sonoma and Marin counties is the special touch that is the difference between a room that simply looks painted and one that has a vivacious life all its own. Whether you are looking to make your home an entertainment spot for friends and relatives, a family home you and your children can be proud of, or simply a place to give you peaceful relaxation the right finish is the elegant touch needed to create that vision. You don't have to sell your home and buy new one to get your dream house, let the Kunst Bros. help you create it now with the home you own.